Top Toledo Bankruptcy Attorneys

Amy E. Stoner
Amy E. Stoner is an attorney based in Toledo, Ohio. She practices Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Defense, and Family Law. She also provides legal counsel and advocacy in personal injury cases, real estate law and others plaintiffs work.
Address : 520 Madison Avenue, Toledo, OH 43604
Phone : (419) 242-8214

Patricia Kovacs & Associates
The decision to file a bankruptcy is very stressful, but at Kovacs & Associates, we’ll discuss all of your options in a friendly, informal and unitimidating environment.
Address : 500 Madison Ave, Toledo, OH 43604
Phone : (419) 241-4050

Owen B. Dunn Jr. Law Offices
We are a full-service bankruptcy law firm providing legal assistance to individuals and families in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, including Toledo, Bowling Green, Findlay, Monroe, Detroit and the surrounding communities.
Address : 520 Madison Avenue, Toledo, OH 43604
Phone : (419) 241-9661

Rauser & Associates Legal Clinic LLP
Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help get you out of debt and get a fresh start. We have nine convenient locations throughout Ohio to serve almost all Ohio residents.
Address : 316 North Michigan Street #420, Toledo, OH 43604
Phone : (888) 843-5787

Thom Cafferty Law Office
We work with clients who seek to discharge debts by liquidating or selling property under Chapter 7. We will help you determine whether you qualify to file under Chapter 7 and, if so, which of your debts can be discharged and which assets may be exempt from sale.
Address : 500 Madison Avenue, Toledo, OH 43604
Phone : (419) 244-0169