Top Madison Bankruptcy Attorneys

Zerbst & Kluck, S.C.
Zachary J. Kluck is a partner at Zerbst & Kluck, S.C. and focuses his practice primarily on bankruptcy and other debtor/creditor issues. Various options to get rid of your debt exist and the advice on which path to take is different for every individual based on their needs and circumstances. Some such options are filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, amortizing/consolidating your debts into a state Chapter 128 proceeding, negotiating with creditors, or even doing nothing at all. Zach will sit down with you, discuss your situation, tailor the advice to your needs, and explain the process for achieving your goals.
Location : 2000 Engel St., #101, Madison, WI 53713
Phone : (608) 316-3806

Borns Law Office
Our firm handles bankruptcy, criminal and traffic, collaborative divorce, personal injury, real estate, litigation, wills, guardianship and probate.
Location : Madison, WI
Phone : (608) 255-7600

DeWitt Ross & Stevens
At DeWitt Ross & Stevens, we develop creative solutions for all aspects of financial reorganization and debt relief. Our Madison and Milwaukee attorneys can help you address your personal or business economic health.
Location : Madison, WI
Phone : (608) 255-8891

Axley Brynelson, LLP
Axley Brynelson's bankruptcy and insolvency attorneys have the knowledge, experience and skills to help clients analyze financially stressed situations and advise as to options and creative strategies that are most likely to achieve the clients' goals.
Location : Madison, WI
Phone : (608) 257-5661

Zaleski Law Firm
The Zaleski Law Firm's mission is to help people get through financial hardship and achieve a fresh start in life. You may have experienced a significant life event such as a job loss or medical condition which has created financial trouble.
Location : Madison, WI
Phone : (608) 441-5199

Usman Law Firm
Attorney Usman has dedicated his legal career to protecting consumers and their rights. Areas of practice: Personal injury and debt relief including Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Garnishment, Repossession, Chapter 128, and Debt Collector Harassment.
Location : Madison, WI
Phone : (608) 829-1112