Top Lexington Bankruptcy Attorneys

Laura Kincheloe, PLLC
At Laura Kincheloe, PLLC, I help my clients turn the tables and use the law against their creditors. The protections of the Bankruptcy Code are strong. With over 15 years of experience, I know how to use the law to its fullest extent.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : (859) 317-2109

Bunch and Brock
If you are considering filing for bankruptcy due to personal- or business-related financial difficulties, you need a will, trust or estate planning assistance, or you are seeking business formation advice, we are here to help in any way we can.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : (859) 254-5522

Robert F. Ristaneo
My experience in addressing legal issues from a number of practice areas, including bankruptcy, business law and estate planning, allows me to provide the informative and personalized guidance you need to address even the most complicated issues.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : (859) 475-1813

Davis and Coffman PLLC
Our firm handles legal matters in the following practice areas: Estate Planning, Probate, Wills, Trusts, Family, Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Bankruptcy, Income, Estate and International Taxation, Business Planning and Formation, Corporate, Off Shore Trusts, International Business Corporation.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : (859) 219-3472

Rose Law Offices
The Rose Law Offices is a Lexington, Kentucky based law form that offers complete comprehensive legal services with a focus on business law, criminal and civil defense, bankruptcy, business collections (business receivables collection), contracts, employment law, personal injury, and litigation.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : (859) 263-3560